Experience a Better Quality of Life Through Improved Hearing

Our mission is to provide patients with quality and affordable hearing healthcare in a no pressure environment.

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Why We’re Different

Our Hearing Aid Specialist, Bill Winder, is incredibly trustworthy and honest. He gives our practice a notable reputation and is the reason the majority of our patients are referrals. Knowing that our patients trust us enough to refer their friends and family is the biggest compliment we could receive. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and quality care, so we can better help the lives of our patients through better hearing.

Our patients refer us to their loved ones because:

We’re Honest

We believe in being completely honest with our patients so they can trust us with their hearing health. We will always do our best to educate you on your hearing loss and will never try to oversell you hearing aids.

We will come to you

If it’s difficult for you to come into our office for a visit then we will come to you. Our priority is helping you hear better, and even if you can’t come to our office we will come to your home and adjust your hearing aids.

Our Affordable Prices

We provide the best quality of hearing services with competitive prices. We find ways to make hearing aids affordable for everyone regardless of their budget. We keep our overhead costs low so we can have low prices. We also offer CareCredit, and work with patients of any budget.

We are patient-centered

Our focus is on our patients. We want to give you the best hearing healthcare possible. We are notorious for keeping our promises to patients and over-delivering results. That’s why our patients refer their loved ones to us, because they truly believe we excel at our job.

Our Comfortable Office

Our office is run by Bill Winder and his wife Mary. They are both always here so one of them will greet you when you arrive and provide you with personalized care so you feel comfortable.

Free Hearing Tests

Our hearing tests are always free. We will do whatever we can to ensure you have the proper help with you hearing, that’s why will never charge you for a hearing test.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cathers Hearing is proud to be a family owned practice. Before our practice was owned by Bill and Mary, Terry and June focused on ReSound manufacturing. ReSound offers cutting-edge technology that we love to work with along with excellent customer service for our patients.

We offer budget friendly hearing services. Hearing tests are always free and if you purchase hearing aids from us then you’ll receive free cleanings for the life of your hearing aids. Our patient-centered approach is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We are dedicated to providing excellent care through hearing aids. Our patient’s satisfaction and ability to hear better is our priority. At Cathers Hearing, we guarantee we offer the best service in the area.

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What to Expect At Your First Appointment

Our expertise is in the fitting and dispensing of hearing aids. Many times, patients come to us and their hearing has already significantly deteriorated. We will give you a free hearing test to determine how profound your hearing loss is so we know exactly how to proceed with hearing aids.

We Love Hearing From Our Patients!

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