About Cathers Hearing Center

Cathers Hearing was originally owned by Terry and June Cathers before Bill and Mary Winder acquired the practice. The Cathers had owned the practice for over 40 years before retiring. Terry and June knew they wanted to keep the practice in their family and wanted someone they could trust to carry on their mission of providing quality and affordable hearing care. That’s why they gave the practice to Bill, who is June’s brother.

Bill and Mary Winder have the same philosophy as the Cathers did, and that is taking care of customers. Cathers Hearing is still dedicated to our patient’s well-being. We will always carry on the Cathers tradition of keeping in touch with patients, providing free hearing tests and hearing aid cleanings, and taking care of patients the way the Cathers intended.


Bill and Mary Winder are the new owners and operators of Cathers Hearing. They were both born and raised in Chanute, Kansas, and worked together for eighteen years in the home-building business. They have now been at Cathers Hearing for four years and are excited to continue providing patients with exceptional care and hearing aid service. Once the Cathers approached Bill about taking over the family business, he became a licensed hearing aid dispenser. Whether it was in the home-building business or owning Cathers Hearing, Bill and Mary love being able to help people live fuller lives. Bill wears hearing aids himself and understands how his patients feel when they come in with hearing loss because he has experienced it all.


At Cathers Hearing, we believe everyone deserves to hear better. When you can’t hear, you’re missing out on important moments. Through the use of hearing aids we can improve your hearing and get you back to enjoying life again. Hearing loss affects over 466 million people in the world, and many of them go untreated for years. There’s no reason why you should suffer with hearing loss when today’s hearing aids are so technologically advanced you can hear better without anyone even knowing you have them in. We want you to be able to hear your loved ones, grandchildren, pastors at church, and all the other sounds that matter to you. Hearing aids can significantly improve your quality of life, so let us at Cathers Hearing help you.